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Just My Socks退款条款解读

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如果你在购买了Just My Socks服务后觉得不适合自己,那么可以选择退款。Just My Socks支持满足一定条件下的全额退款,下面介绍下Just My Socks的退款条款,如果你满足这些条件,那么你的Just My Socks服务就可以成功退款。


Just My Socks退款条款

Just My Socks服务在满足一定条件的情况下支持全额退款,详细的Just My Socks退款条款如下:

  1. 客户的帐户信誉良好,并且没有任何违反服务条款的行为
  2. 目前没有任何付款有争议或退款
  3. 购买的服务未超过每月流量限制
  4. 帐户下的服务(活动或取消)数量为3或更少
  5. 对该帐户的所有付款总额为60美元或更少,付款总数为10或更少
  6. 帐户是在7天或更短时间之内创建的
  7. 客户未使用其他账户退款的权利(同一个用户注册多个账号只有一次退款权力)


  1. Customer’s account is in good standing and there have been no violations of entire Terms of Services
  2. None of the payments have been previously or currently disputed or charged back
  3. Monthly data transfer quota has not been exceeded
  4. The number of services (active or cancelled) under the account is 3 or fewer
  5. The sum of all payments made towards the account is $60 or less and the total number of payments is 10 or fewer
  6. The account was created 7 or fewer days ago
  7. Client had not used the right to Refund under a different account

以上就是Just My Socks退款条款,如果你满足所有退款条件,那么就可以发起Just My Socks退款,金额会全部原路返回。



关于Just My Socks如何退款,以及退款流程,教程后期补上。

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