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JustMySocks:电信用户推荐第 3 条,移动用户推荐第 4 条

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Just My Socks 又更新了 5 条线路的路由,之前是第 3 条是 CN2 GIA,其余为 CN2 GT,现在则是电信用户推荐使用第 3 条 CN2 GIA,而对于移动用户来说,则是推荐使用第 4 条 CN2 GIA。特此通告,大家如果发现最近 Just My Socks 速度慢了,可以更新对应的线路选择。

同样是看 Just My Socks 官方的介绍(Which $hadow$ocks server IP should I use?):

We provide you with 5 IPs which have slightly different routing:

cXs1, cXs2 and cXs5 are routed via CN2 GT network with additional China Unicom and China Mobile direct connectivity. We use multiple CN2 GT datacenters, so all 3 servers are not routed equally to ensure maximum resiliency.

Server cXs3 is routed via CN2 GIA network provided by China Telecom (China Telecom routes only).

Server cXs4 is routed via premium China Mobile mix (with CN2 GIA on Return Path) (China Mobile routes only).

Additionally, we enabled obfs plugin (obfs=tls) on servers cXs3 and cXs4

Depending on your provider (CT, CU, CM) you may see different connection speeds using different servers, so we recommend trying out each server to see which one works best for you.

Please see your service information page to see detailed configuration of each server and pick the one that works best for you.


  1. 电信用户:第 3 条(cXs3),电信 CN2 GIA
  2. 移动用户,第 4 条(cXs4),回程 CN2 GIA
  3. 联通用户,5 条中找个最快的

由于最近电信 CN2 带宽的缩进,Just My Socks 不得不更新了路由,据客服介绍,目前已经成功购买了 CN2 GIA 带宽,有望在未来 2-3 周内增加 CN2 GIA 容量,目前 Just My Socks 中文网 建议大家直接把 5 条线路都导入客户端中,哪条速度快用哪条。

最后,这里是 Just My Socks 所有套餐:

Just My Socks LA 5002.5Gbps500 GB$5.885洛杉矶 CN2 GT + CN2 GIA
荷兰 CN2 GIA
Just My Socks LA 10005Gbps1000 GB$9.88链接
Just My Socks LA 50005Gbps5000 GB$48.99链接
Just My Socks LA 100005Gbps10000 GB$93.99链接
Just My Socks London 5002.5Gbps500 GB$6.805伦敦联通精品网 9929链接
Just My Socks London 10005Gbps1000 GB$11.29链接
Just My Socks HK CMI+NTT 5002.5Gbps500 GB$8.995香港 CMI+NTT链接
Just My Socks HK CMI+NTT 10005Gbps1000 GB$14.90链接
JMS IPLC HK 300 V2300Mbps300 GB$213香港 IPLC + 香港 s2 + 美国 s53
JMS IPLC HK 1000 V21Gbps1000 GB$59链接
Just My Socks Hong Kong 100100Mbps100 GB$34.993香港 CN2 GIA链接
Just My Socks Hong Kong 500500Mbps500 GB$149.995链接
Just My Socks Hong Kong 10001Gbps1000 GB$279.99链接
Just My Socks Tokyo 100100Mbps100 GB$29.993日本 CN2 GIA链接
Just My Socks Tokyo 500200Mbps500 GB$135.995链接
Just My Socks Tokyo 1000500Mbps1000GB$239链接

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  1. 楼主你好,我第一次用,为什么我换了线路,还有连YouTube都打不开?
    女巫丽莲2020-04-30 11:56 回复
    • 第 3 条和第 4 条是要配置 obfs 的,按照教程来配一下就行了
      Just My Socks中文网2020-05-14 18:03 回复
  2. 事实证明,我是联通,也是用第四条最快,第三条却慢的一批
    disxcl2020-05-10 20:20 回复
    • 找到自己最快的就行
      Just My Socks中文网2020-05-14 18:03 回复